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Access Control System


The state of Art Access Control that integrates the most advance Security technologies with Innovative networking capabilities to bring you Full-Featured Solutions serving any size facility .The Security Management System combines the power and Flexibility of the Microsoft Windows 2000 Operating System with the quality and Reputation of Honeywell product, with an intuitive graphical user interface, the system is easy to learn and simple to use, yet it is powerful and flexible enough to Monitor Controls at multiple sites around the world from a simple server location and multiple client location.

Lenel Systems

International's Intelligent System Controller (ISC) serves as the predominant access control engine and is a state of the art personnel identification and badging application. It supports all industry standard ID card technologies and has cutting-edge image compression and enhancement capabilities. Advanced software, hardware and card technology, along with an expandable, open system design, guarantee customer satisfaction. Access Control Systems are compulsory components of intelligent safety precautions. The multi-functional protection and security functions of access control systems contribute to a central component of an entire security concept. The basic idea behind an effective access control is the identification and authorised selection of individuals. At the same time all movements of personnel are controlled at defined access points and all identified persons are grouped as authorised or unauthorised.