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Firecel, FP200, Wrexham

Firecel Firecel� SR 114H is the new evolution of fire resistant cables. These cables are manufactured and tested according to BS 729:1993 and are included in BS 5839:1988 Part 1 Since 1980, Firecel� fire resistant cables have been marketed for use on emergency lighting circuit an fire alarm installation. FIRECEL(R) SR 114H form part of this range and satisfy also safety requirements.

Wrexham Mineral Cables (Established 1989) is the most technically advanced manufacturer of Mineral Insulated Fire Survival Cables. Their cables are manufactured and tested to BS 6207 Part 1, 1995. WMC offers a solution to many difficult wiring problems, expecially in high risk situations, demanding total integrity and high level of operating performance. WMC offers a standard range of Mineral Cables in the 500 Volt and 750 Volt range covering one to nineteen conductors with cross sectional area 1sq.mm upto 240sq mm and current ratings approaching 700 amps. The copper sheath and insulant have melting points of 1083 deg. C and 2800 deg.C respectively. Therefore in a fire situation the cable is capable of operating at temperatures above 1000 degree C.