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Honeywell is a world leader in integration of video system . Honeywell Integrated Data Manager Enterprise is a next generation data monitoring plus data mining solutions that allows complete integration of transaction data with video from Honeywell digital Recorders and networks digital Recorders built around the Microsoft.Net technology, the system is a true enterprise solution for Large sized applications that require video and data analysis of hundred of terminals and camera system across multiple locations via LAN / WAN.


Pelco is a world leader in the design, development and manufacture of video security systems and equipment. With a prestigious history of offering high-quality products, innovative technologies and guaranteed 100% customer satisfaction, Pelco has become the most sought after product supplier.


A public company since 1969, Vicon's only business has been design, Engineering and Production of high quality CCTV systems for use in a wide variety of security, safety, control, surveillance and communication applications. Their many years of experience, engineering capability and unequaled technical support services enables them to bring a single-source system solution for all video needs.